Justin Bieber Cake

D dropped us a mail a few weeks back, all the way from Indonesia and told us his son was a huge fan of Justin Bieber (and the "bay-beh bay-beh bay-beh ooooooo" song gets stuck in our heads for days!) and was looking for a cake in a JB theme. 

D and his family were going to be in singapore for a short transit on their way home from sydney and were planning to pick up their cake during that time. talk about the world being a globalized village, this is another good example. 

i wasn't  keen on going the route of making a sugar figure of JB himself, because i know for sure he will not end up looking anything like him, so we suggested doing a cake based on a caricature the dude himself.

i'm not sure if the cake turned out how i hoped it would, cos i think there are definitely some areas of his face i would love to rectify if i can do it again. 

but we heard that the birthday boy loved his cake and he even sent me a thank you note! : )

Cake was vanilla with vanilla filling. 

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