Croc Shoes Cake

M dropped us a mail sometime back and told us she was looking to celebrate her husband's birthday and her baby's 1st month together and she wanted get them a really special cake. 

their a family of croc shoes wearers, and therefore figured that a sculpted croc shoe cake would be awesome to mark the special occasion(s)! 

The cakes (since there are 2 shoes in a pair) were meant to feed 70 peeps, which meant we had to go extra large for this one. each adult shoe came up to be about 20inches long and weighed about 8ish-kg for EACH side. we had to bring in our largest cake board, a 24inch by 24inch to fit the entire ensemble! 

M got us to make some jib bitz for the shoes which included a paw print, miffy, and a specially designed one of a lion and her cub which were based on her invites and some baby related stuff! 

Today was one of the rare occasions where i got to join the husb in the delivery runs, cos mostly, i'm cooped up at home decorating cakes. But it was a coincidence that  our orders today were for the evening and we had several to send out all at once, so i decided i should tag along to ensure maximum safety of the cakes! 

when i got to M's party, we realized that we were actually old school mates ( she was 2 years my junior), and she got to know of our cakes through a friend who got a surfer dude cake for her husband earlier this year! and that friend happened to be my brother-in-law's friend too! talk about the world being small and the perfect coincidence! i like! : )

daddy's croc shoes were red velvet with oreos and baby crocs were rice krispie treats.

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