Playable Angry Birds Cake

So last week was my little man's 6th birthday and we had a small celebration with the extended family.  Poor guy was looking forward to celebrating his last birthday at kindergarten, but his birthday was right smack in the middle of the school holiday week, plus their school had an extra week off so his birthday would have been too faraway to celebrate before or after the 2 week break.

The husband and i were all fired up to make him a really special cake, and we were spewing all sorts of fancy cake ideas (a Bagugen toy shaped like a cake, a huge Ben10 omnimatrix on Ben10's wrist, a giant Plant vs Zombie's cake etc) and told him to take his pick. 

Guess what he picked?

A "Playable Angry Birds Cake, mom.", he said.  I went berserk, " But we make that all the time at home! You see it very week in our kitchen! why in the world would you want a playable angry birds cake???" 

"Because those cakes were not for me, they were for other people, and i never got a chance to play with it ."

That shut me up immediately, and a playable angry birds cake was it then.

As i was making the sugar birds and pigs for my little man, i reflected on how i would screech at my kids whenever they go near any of the angry birds cake we were making to send out, and i was wrought with absolute guilt. 

i 've been making all the other playable angry birds cakes for other happy kids, whilst my own kids could only sit and watch and never got to play. : (

So this time, on top of making the birds and pigs myself, i allowed the kiddos to have a go at moulding the birds and pigs as well. 

i thought they were absolutely fantastic! : D

The 2 red birds were made by my kids. very well done aint it?

my little niece sneaking a go when the other big kids weren't looking.

their best angry bird and angry pig face. : )

happy 6th my little man, may you be 6 always and forever. : )

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