Plants vs Zombies Cake

I'm one of those who have a dark sense of humor and i tend to be drawn towards those ugly-ly cute things. Plants vs Zombies is one my favorite games, which slowly grew on my kids and their cousins too! So when J asked if i could make a PvZ themed cake for her son, both my kids and i were really excited. : )

 The beauty (irony intended) about this cake is, the uglier the better (for the zombies at least)! i didn't have to bother making them straight or clean or neat, the more battered they looked, the better. : )

i roped in some expert advice (aka my kids), as to what plants i should make. and these, according to them, are the must haves. 

There are so many different characters to make and play around with, but because the cake was meant to serve a small party, i didn't have enough space to fit that many.  and i chose to decorate the cake such that the divide between the "good" and "evil" could be clearly seen, with the zombies on the road and plants in their garden patch.

Cake was chocolate cake with oreos filling. 


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