Customized Cupcakes

Yesterday we sent out a mainly photography themed ensemble to a camera fanatic. S dropped me  a mail a few weeks back and gave me a list of toppers to make. 

I decided to try being a tad "artistic" for this set up and decorate the fondant with sprays of black and white edible paint. it was a messy affair (i had paint all over my counter top) but so fun! 

For the uninitiated (like me), this one's a Recesky camera. I think its classified as a toy camera (it weighs a mere 450grams), much like a lomo camera.

 Cupcakes were a red velvet with chocolate filling.


  1. Hey! Hi Im Royston the recipient of the cake that you made. Just want to say thank you so much for your craftsmanship on the cake! It's really AWESOME!!! Even until now I still can't bare to eat it lol : D.. Ultimately thank you for the hardwork. : )

  2. Hi Royston,
    I am just the executioner. Credit goes to S for thinking up the whole design of your cupcakes. I really had fun making the cameras.

    The toppers can actually be kept indefinitely if you keep them dry and cool. So an ideal place would be in a plastic box in the fridge. The colors may fade after a while though.

    Thank you to S for her order!