Heart Cake

Pardon the radio silence, for its been absolutely hell-ish around here these-days, what with the baby of the family's registration for P1, and a humongous cupcake order (800 of them), and having to juggle other cake orders, we had simply no time for anything else. 

But i digress. Last week was my mother-in-law's birthday. We pondered on what cake to make for her, and the husband suggested doing a heart shaped cake that is lying on its side. very kitschy, but definitely a perfect cake for a lady with such a big big heart : )

So at the beginning, i pictured the cake to be one whereby its edges are sharp and its body being rounded. But i was quite pressed for time, with only about 2 hours to carve, frost and cover with fondant, and i knew it was impossible for me to finish up the cake. So we had to make do with a sort of 3D heart shaped cake. 

I'm still very keen on making a lying on its side heart shaped cake that is rounded and sharp at  at its edges. now i will have to wait till the next birthday of a friend or family to test it out. : )

here's some peektures of the grandchildren in the family and my parents-in-law, for posterity's sake. 

 : )

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