MacBook Flight Manual Cake

So over last weekend was the birthday of our good family friend, who is a big fan of all things Apple, and is a pilot. Therefore, for his cake, we decided to make a MacBook with a photo of their family sitting atop a "Flight Manual". 

The cake itself was pretty straightforward to do. It was the MacBook that was tough and time consuming. i had to get the husband to construct something out of cake boards and L plated screws in order to have the screen of the notebook to hold up. and i think the keyboard took me almost 3 hours to finish, from cutting out individual squares to writing out every alphabet and symbol and then arranging and sticking them back onto the keyboard. 

Hopefully the birthday boy liked his cake! Happy birthday Leslie! To many more good years to come! 

Cake was vanilla cake with passionfruit filling. 


  1. Awesome!!! Thank you sooooo much for the brilliant idea that you have and the cake was also very delicious!! Thumbs up :)


  2. awww..... thanks angie!!! you guys keep letting me have the opportunity to stretch myself. and for that i have a lot to be grateful for! hope little miss L is feeling better! send her our love please!