Tatty Teddy 2 tier Cake

J dropped me a mail last week after coming across my previous Tatty Teddy Cake , and asked if could make one for her daughter's 15th birthday party. It was a bit of a rush cos i was expecting a busy weekend, but i was glad i did this cake. 

This is an example of what i truly believe in; simple and sweet can be really nice too. I'm pretty sure that most people would think that a simple cake is easy to do. But, i would like to rebut that by saying, a less decorated cake has its challenges too! The finishing (even-ness of the cake, sharpness of the edges, no frilly perimeters etc) has to be even cleaner than an over the top cake. Simply because there will be no decorations to hide those flaws! 

It seemed Faith and her mom really liked the quilted look, so they requested that the top tier be that way and i was given free reigns to decorate the bottom tier. 

Cake for both tiers were chocolate cake with oreos filling. 

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  1. how do you make it, looks really cool and people probibly want to know how to make it.