Princess Tiara Cake

This was also for the same recipient of the previous post. Little Shannen loves all things princess-y and pink, and so her mom got me to work around that theme. Most people would have chosen a princess castle cake, so i was quite glad that her mom picked a tiara instead! : )

The tiara alone took me 4 days to complete. i had to fix them together in stages as i was drying them on a curved surface and i cannot defy gravity. so i had to fix on one part let it dry and harden, turn the tiara and afix the opposite side. it was time consuming to do, but i'm glad i got the chance to learn so many things from it!

So mommy S requested that i made princess things ie; dress, heels, ear rings etc,  to decorate the cake, but once i got started on the cake, i felt that adding a smallish dress and heels to the cake was not proportionate to the size of the tiara. So i dropped an email to S and asked for permission to go the route of accessories instead. guess what they are! 

 And to give it a more royal-y feel, i added drapery to the sides of the quilted cake and embellished it with a pearl border. Perfect for a princess! 

Cake was chocolate cake with chocolate filling. 

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