M&M's Cake

Pardon the radio silence, its been a week of turmoil here in my kitchen the past week! And when i mean turmoil i mean both emotionally and physically. The next post shall shed more light!

Anyways, during the week, N, the sweet orderer who bought me a box of couture chocolates  when i delivered her Totoro Cake the last time, got me to make a Peanut Butter M&M's cake for a set of twins!

As with most sculpted cakes, the toughest part of such cakes is in shaping the cake correctly. Once you've nailed the correct shape, the rest will just fall into place nicely. 

This time around, i decided to print a edible image of the logo instead of hand-painting it, since i don't trust myself with the brush yet. the chocolate candies were fondant with handpainted "Ms" and given a coat of confectioner's glaze!

And, dear N got me another box of yummy goodies again, along with a sweet email! : )

"Dear Veronica! (:

Thank you for being such an awesome cake artist and for accommodating to my needs. I can never express this feeling of mine and knowing how thankful I am to meet you. All thanks to the Newspaper article that I came across last year. Thank God for me to take down your blog address or else I'll be searching high and low for a good one. Haha. Thank you for everything and knowing I can always count on you in future and many more to come!

Everyone was amazed by your creation! :D "

Thank you N for the biscuits and it was a pleasure making cakes for you and your friends! Looking forward to your next fab idea! : ))))

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