Playable Angry Birds Cake

I'm pretty sure that any decent cake maker has probably come across this playable angry birds cake. So when an ex-colleague of my husband's wanted to get an angry bird's themed cake for her boy's birthday, we decided to put ourselves up for the challenge and make him a cake which her little boy can play! 

This cake is like my husband's dream cake. He was the engineer/architect/builder/brains behind this entire set up. yours truly was merely just the worker. he started weeks ago sourcing for materials and spent many a sleepless night thinking of how to construct a stable sling shot which can take a certain amount of brutality from the birthday boy. He literally got some pieces of wood and manually sawed it into a slingshot shape, tested different elastic bands to find the perfect one for this cake, and even constructed a special cake board to fit his "contraption". It was truly ALL his hard work. : )

This was one of the rare times where my part of the work was so much easier than his ; P.  and i'm glad to say that i was more efficient at molding the birds and pigs after having done an angry birds cake before

 Here's a video of our first playable angry bird cake! 


  1. i want to order a cake but i live in india.
    is there any way by which you can complete the order here or some way-- i dont understand what i can do

  2. Hi Megha,
    You want to order a cake for delivery in Singapore or to India?

    We only operate in Singapore. Do send us an email for your queries to

  3. can u ship to vidor, tx 77662 by frid 11/11/13? if so what is the charge?

  4. Hi Lacey,
    Thank you for your query. We only operate in Singapore