Wayne Rooney Man U Cake

Over the weekend i delivered a cake to a party for a hardcore Wayne Rooney fan. His sweet gf dropped me an email weeks ago and told me she was planning a surprise party for her soccer mad bf. 

I'm not a big fan of soccer, so i know nuts about the game, but apparently, there was one particular match where Wayne Rooney really proved his worth, and has been dubbed as one of the most defining goals in Rooney's soccer career. Said gf sent me a picture of that epic goal and asked if i could make a cake based on that. and this was the end product!

Cake was a HUGE carrot cake with chocolate filling, and i had to custom make a cake board just to fit it. 


  1. Hi, will you be able to create a Ryan giggs one for my boyfriend'a bday in august please? Your free reign :) do contact me at wongyinvonne@gmail.com thanks :)

  2. Hi, thank you for your query, will be contacting you