Tennis Racket Cake

So a good family friend of ours where looking to celebrate the birthday of a relative who is an  ardent tennis player. i decided to try my hand at sculpting a tennis racket out of cake and throw in some 3D tennis balls and cupcakes for good fun!

Sculpting this cake was pretty straightforward, but the more difficult part was in adding on the accents to make it look more racket-ish, and the most time consuming was the strings. the strings alone took us (actually, more like the husband, cos he was in charge of it) a good hour to complete. in addition, the Wilson "W" was hand painted with our THINNEST brush and that took us another 30mins. 

But other than that, the rest of the details were straightforward to do. i had most fun making the tennis balls, which in my opinion is probably the easiest sport ball to make. Oh! and the piping of the grass texture was also not funny. took me about 45mins to finish covering the entire board!

Cake was vanilla cake with stawberry filling. 3D balls were rice krispies dirty iced with ganache, and cupcakes were vanilla cupcakes with chocolate filling (cos one of the party attendees is allergic to strawberries, so i made some non strawberry ones for him to enjoy.)



  1. Hi,
    This cake is perfect - exactly what i need to do for a squash racquet cake i have been asked to make. Any chance you would be able to email me with any further information/instructions as to the steps you followed in more detail. I would of course mention you as my inspiration if i post it anywhere.
    Many thanks,
    Emma x (

  2. Hi,
    That cake is stunning! Unbelievable work, really :)
    I also would like to ask you for some help or tutorial or tips how to make this cake. I am from Slovakia so I have no chance to order it from you.. But I would be really grateful if you would be able to help me to make it :) I would also mention you as a source of inspiration :)
    My name is Vierka and my e-mail is:
    Thank you so much in advance! :)

  3. Love this cake..I had it sent to me by a potential customer asking me to replicate it...Good Luck..anyways just a question..Is the racket up on a pedestalalso made from cake or is it a non edible board?

  4. Very nice and very neat and clean job. Congratulations.