Totoro Cake

I seldom feel so bumped to say bye to my cakes, but i was pretty sad to  say sayonara to my favorite Japanese cartoon character, Totoro. Totoro was introduced to us (my kids and i) by my sissy, who had been raving about this mad cute chinchilla, and we fell right for him. So imagine my joy when N came to me months ago and asked if i could make a Totoro cake for her friend. Oooo JOY! 

 My kids were really excited to see me make their beloved Totoro, and it was really heartening to see them smile so widely when i finished making BIG Totoro, Medium Totoro, and Small Totoro. Means i did a pretty neat job, no? : )))

 N's requests were simple, just totoros and bees, but i thought since Totoros lived in a big Camphor tree, so why not fill the cake with lots of leaves, and flowers on the sides and more leaves around? Big Totoro was made of rice krispie treats, and everything else was fondant. 

Cake was a red velvet with extra chunky oreos filling.

 AND, N is probably my first and only cake order-er who gave me a "thank you" gift, even before she saw the cake. How utterly sweet is that? : )))))) Thanks N, the chocs are delicious i have gobbled 5 by myself, and am planning to hide the rest. 



  1. Thanks babe!

    It's definitely hard saying goodbye. It's too cute to be eaten as well. Thanks for the awesome artwork! (:


  2. hi N!!!

    no problem! this was truly one of those which i really took my time to make, cos it was so fun to make! thanks for giving me the opportunity! : )))

    PS: the bag which came with choc is too darn cute la!

    take care!

  3. have i ever said how proud i am of you?

    well, there. i've just said it. :-D

  4. Hi Veron! Thanks for making my day with such kawAii cake!!!! Appreciate
    ur time n effort. ThNks N for the tots too!!!! :)


  5. My Pleasure. Concept was N's idea anyway, I was just the executioner. Thank you for your compliments!

  6. i was wondering how big did u make totoro

  7. The cake was 4" tall and Totoro was 6" tall