Jam Hsiao Cake

This was one cake i had a tough time thinking up a design, and constructing. D dropped me an email last week and asked if i could make a special cake for her daughter's 18th birthday. Birthday girl was an ardent fan of Jam Hsiao, a popular singer from Taiwan. 

i have to admit though, that i didn't know who Mr Hsiao was till i goggled him, and bingo, i found he had a concert in Singapore last year, and decided that i would try my hand at making a cake that looked like his stage set up and a figurine with him singing. 

A lot of lessons learnt from this cake, and the next time i make a "stage" cake, i will be using gumpaste or rice krispies for the backdrop of the stage instead of cake. poster of Jam Hsiao was an edible image, and i fitted non toxic lightsticks (protected by straws) on the four corners of his picture.

 Cake was chocolate cake with oreos fillling. 



  1. YEAH! You cna do this!! I wanted something along this line for the doraemon cake the other time when you suggested a cake. I just couldnt put my ideas into words. This cake says it all.



  2. Sure Thomas, looking forward to your next exciting order then!