Boob Cake

Another boob cake was sent out today and it was to celebrate the big 3-0 for 2 big boys. this time no naked boobs. but heads up to those not used to seeing errr... naked bits cos when birthday boys "strips" down the cake there's a little surprise for them ; ) somehow the camera has distorted the ivory skin color of the hot bod. : /

Again, the hard part was in shaping the mammary glands in order to compete with Pammie Anderson. but after that, the covering and accenting with luster dust was fun fun fun! 

Cake order-er requested for all anatomical parts, or should i say bits to be in tact when bikini is removed. so besides the "bits" on the boobs, down south i added....

Cake was red velvet with oreos filling. 


  1. So cool!!! Wished I had caught up with you guys at ball today... had L's post op review at hospital that took forever!! xx

  2. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    CAN I JUST SAY, L IS A CARBON COPY OF YOU??????? zomg! she's soooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! what op did she have to go for? hope it wasn;t anything serious and that she's recovering well! We'll play ball again another time? bring the kiddos! my kids will baby sit. ha. ; )