2 tier Karmen Rider, Dragon Knight Cake

Its a pretty hectic crazy weekend. had 3 cake orders just for today, and all 3 for very different cake recipients. The first was for a 5 year old little boy, who's also Karmen Rider crazed, albeit a different series, this time from dragon knight.

So his mommy sent me a picture of two of Richston's favorite Karmen Rider toy,s and also a picture of his favorite cards, and asked to incorporate them into the his cake. Et viola! 

So this time, i tried making my action figure in a different way, and i think i liked it better. Shan't go into technicalities, cos i certainly might just bore you out. : )

I opted for a simpler cake design, just so that the focus will be on dragon knight and his weaponry, and his famous cards. 

Cake were both chocolate cake with vanilla filling. 

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