Butt Cake

Pardon the radio silence.Took a short break to spend some quality time with the family over the chinese new year festivities. Now am back and ready to rock and roll! 

So today i delivered a cake to a young mommy who was looking to get a butt cake for her boss. nice. i offered to make a lady's butt with a thong, but i guess it was a bit too kinky, so she settled for a dude's butt wearing jeans. and since they work in the airline industry, she asked if i could incorporate some airplane/airline elements into the butt cake.

 After thinking for a while, i suggested a paper airplane tattoo, and stuffing a boarding pass in one of the jeans pocket, which she thought was pretty neat. : )

The most time consuming part of the cake was in creating the right colour and texture of the denims. The ever brilliant husband suggested using a piece of clean cloth and rolling the fondant over it, to create the texture. So i whipped out my bread proofing cloth and, it gave a very nice rugged texture to it. : ) the next part to the denims was the colour. At first i tried blending blue and white, and used a hard bristled brush to go over the fondant, but that just totally erased away the rugged texture from my cloth. So in the end, i just went with my gut feel and used blue colouring and coloured away! then i used brown luster dust and accentuated the folds and pleats and the stitching work.

 In all, pretty happy with how it turned out, and i think i had the most fun colouring the denims. 

Cake was red velvet with lemon filling.

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