2 tier Mermaid Cake

My son's classmate was celebrating her 6th birthday today, and her mommy got me to make her a Mermaid themed cake. Oh, how i so love makin lil girls happy! I had so much fun creating all the colourful corals and marine what nots, and even roped in my lil boy to help poke holes in the corals! PS: picture intensive post!

 So my initial idea was a pastel coloured design, that was sweet and girlish. but upon consulting my cake critiques (aka as my kids), the verdict was passed. Out with the pastel coloured cake, and bring on the vibrant and vivid coloured under the sea theme. 

i think i made the mermaid a bit too sultry, rather than saccharine sweet. opps. 

All in all, despite the fact that this was very tedious to do, i was pretty happy with it. its bright (literally cos i sprinkled a wee bit too much disco dust), cheery and vivid. i hope Chloe liked it! oh, and, thanks for the party Chloe! Mommy really put in a lot of effort to make your special day extra special!

Cake was chocolate cake with chocolate filling for the 6inch, and chocolate cake with oreos filling for the 8inch. 

Time to enjoy the rest of the weekend with my kiddos and husb! G'night world!


  1. It's sooooo pretty!!! Adelia smiled when she saw the pic of the cake. YOu've really made Ariel come alife with the eyes! =) Frm Mindy

  2. Really Nice well done! What did you use to make all the caratters sugar paste or modelling paste? Thanks