Log House Cake

My fav cake order-er is back in action, and her first assignment for me for the year is an "in-construction log house" cake for the godmom of her 2 sons. The idea of this cake stems from a romantic tale of the husband of the cake recipient wanting to build a log cabin for his lovely wife. in the words of my fav cake order-er, "so sweet..... can cry..." : )

This cake would have been impossible to make without the help of my husband. I got notice to make it on monday, and delivery was for today, which leaves only a day and half to complete it.

That said, i think its pretty good work, and i went as detailed as i could. Figure of "builder" was meant to resemble the husband of cake recipient, and i was instructed to "make a pounch" for him, with a mop of salt and pepper hair. 

So all around the cake i added some simple work tools for our little builder who's having a coffee break of donuts and coffee. 

A pretty straightforward cake to do, and the trickest part was actually getting the shape of the house, which my husband is extremely good at : ) and the rest, was just about paitence in rolling the "logs" out, scoring them to resemble logs, and cutting squares out for the roof.

pardon the picture intensive post, but there were just too many bits of details that i would like to docuement! and the weather was a tad grey to get proper lighting as well. so many of the shots were blur. : /

Cake was a choc fudge cake with choc buttercream. 

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