Bowling Theme Cake

Cake 2 for my fav cake order-er was given away today. This time done for her youngest son, Timmy. Timmy's party was held at a bowling alley, hence the theme for this cake. We eventually  settled for a bowling lane cake, decorated with purple balloons and LOADS of confetti.

Since the birthday boy loves the royal colour purple and balloons, i combined it together with confetti to give it an over the top party feel. 

And the words "strike" were inspired by the "pows", "bams", "kapows" from the old skool Batman comics. They were printed out on edible frosting sheets and stuck onto gumpaste (so they will harden and be really stable, and stuck em in the cake with thicker gauge wires. 

Pins were a combi of fondant and gumpaste and held up by thicker wood skewers. 

Happy 15th Timmy!!! hope your party was a blast! : )

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