Sculpted Basketball Cake with Socks

A funky mommy contacted me whilst we were in Holland last month and got me to make her 17year old son a surprise basketball cake. She wanted a slight variation and i did so by adding a dirty, literally (not figuratively, she's saving that for her 21year old nephew soon), twist. So on top of smelly socks like the previous basketball cake, i threw in some cute little flies hoovering around. 

I did a few minor changes this time, opting to print out the NBA logo and added a logo of his favourite basketball team, the St Antonio Spurs. 

Hopefully i made Austin a surprise birthday cake to remember! : )


  1. It's perfect!!! I hope to hear from you and can't wait to see if I can get mine somewhat as perfect as yours!!

  2. What did you use to get the shape into the orange fondant for the basketball look?

  3. Beautiful cake! I'd like to do something similar and want to know more about how to print the NBA logo and lettering on the actual basketball. Did you do this by hand?