Fairy under an Arch of Flowers Cake

Today i gave away another cake to a little fairy named Jennifer. She is friends with fairy Aiko sitting on a swing. Her mommy contacted me a month ago and asked if i could do a fairy themed cake for her lil girl, and since the idea of a fairy sitting beneath a flower arch has been at the back of my head for some time, i thought this would be the perfect time to try it!

Well, making fairy jennifer and the rest of the decorations was pretty straightforward, but the arch of flowers was kinda tricky to make. I tried it out at first by rolling out a pipe of green fondant and left it to dry, but after much thought, i decided that it wasn't going to be sturdy enough to handle a whole lot of flowers, leaves and flutterflies. So, back to the drawing board it was, and this time, i made a band, left it to dry completely, and added a thicker gauge of wire beneath it as reinforcement. et viola! it worked! Much thanks to the husband for helping me think through the physics of this cake. XOXO!

And this time, i made white picket fences to stick around the cake, just so there's a more neutral colour to it, and stuck a copious amount of deocrations to it. hur hur. 

Cake was a 10inch vanilla cake filled with nutella.

till tom!


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