Fairy on a Swing Cake

So yesterday i delivered a cake to fairy princess Aiko, sister of the kamen masked rider cake, who's a big fan of this australian kiddee series called The Fairies. Aiko was extremely sure of the "wants" and "don't wants" on her cake, and she even got her mommy to list them out for me. Too cute! : )

And Aiko's list for auntie veron was as follows:

1) fairy sitting on a swing. 
2) fairy to wear purple shoes and can you please add a pink flower in the middle and at the toes part?
3) her skirt must be in layers of purple and pink, the bottom layer pink and the top layer purple.
4) fairy to wear a purple glitter mask.
5) fairy to have long curly golden hair with purple flower hair clips.
6) please add lots of flowers, butterflies and toadstools all over cake.
7) auntie veron i am five years old this year okay?

If you're reading this Aiko, i hope i have fulfilled all your "wishes" for your fairy birthday cake! And that you had the most wonderful fairy party ever.

PS: her fairy wings comes with blinking fairy lights on em! how cool is that? : ))))

edit 7thdec:
Forgot to credit swing to my INGENOUS and INTELLIGIENT husband. he constructed the swing out of wooden dowels and rope. end result was a super stable swing which "fairy aiko" could swing on without fear of collapsing! 


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  1. I think the most amazing part about the cake is the swing! who made it?