Final Fantasy 2 tier Cake

This cake was a Final Fantasy themed cake. Those familiar with the japanese anime would surely know of the character Cloud Strife. I had a mild heart attack when the request came for me to replicate Cloud, cos jap anime characters are known to be very DETAILED and INTRICATE. I tried as best to recreate Cloud in sugar form, and i hope i managed to do so : )

I think the figure in itself was oooooookkkkkkkkkkayyyy to do, but his famous sword was tricky. It was duper intricate so what i did was to pick out the areas that were the most striking on his sword and try to replicate it. 

Initially the idea was to stick sillhouettes of buidlings on the the sides of the cake, but i decided to scrape that cos it was a tad too comic book-ish for our jap anime character over here. Instead, i used our edible printer to print out scenes and characters from the anime/game and stuck them all around the sides of the bottom tier. And since the anime/game is all about warring and fights, i decided to add "rocks and gravels" to the border of the cakes and also fire on the top tier.

Top tier was a 6inch vanilla cake with choc filling, bottom tier was a 8inch choc cake with oreos filling.

I can hardly keep  pry my eyes open, cos i had some quality time with the gfs till late last night..... : ) gonna give into the ZZZ monster now. will post the other cake peektures tom!

G'night world!

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