Abby Cadabby 3 tier Cake

 Sorry for the short hiatus again. Was a pretty crazy week for me. Had three sizeable orders on saturday alone, plus had to juggle between planning for our amsterdam/london/paris trip plus preparing for 2 christmas dinners. anyways, it was a totally sesame street weekend with 2 out of 3 orders being SS characters and both for one year old lil girls! what are the odds? 

This 3 tier cake was for baby adelia's one year birthday party, and her mommy requested that i made a sugar abby. i thought i did a pretty neat one this time, no?

So the cake was to come in different hues of pink and purple, with splashes of white, yellow and turquoise. oh, and with lots of cutesy itty bitty things. i was requested to make lady bugs and bumble bees, but i felt it didn't really go with the whole theme, so i replaced them with tiny sugar presents, lots of blossom flowers and flutterflies and confetti!

Bottom 10inch tier was vanilla cake with nutella filling, middle 8inch tier was lemon with oreos filling, and top 6inch tier was a vanilla with nutella filling as well. and tiers were requested to be made slightly taller, just so the entire set up would have a grander appearance.

I totally loved making abby and was a little bumped to say good bye to her : ( hopefully i made adelia a birthday cake to remember! 

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