1st Birthday Rubber Ducky Cake

Yer the one...... You make my bath time lots of fun!!!! Rubber duckie i'm awfully fond of you you you!!! du du doop du pi du.....

Sorry, but in the midst of making these rubber ducks i had to stop and youtube ernie's rubber duckie song. and now its stuck in my head. : /

anyways, i so love makin cutesy cakes! and this was one that i had a ball makin! 

Dylan's mommy (dylan is a girl btw, i suppose her name was inspired by one of charlie's angels?), sent me a couple of pictures of dylan's favorite rubber duckies, and i tried to replicate them as much as i could. Big rubber duckie is made of rice krispies and smaller rubber duckies were moulded just out of fondant. soap and suds were royal icing, and you can prob tell that i was having a wee bit too much fun piping the suds, from the amount i used? hur hur.

Cake was an 8 inch cake, made extra high, towering in at 4inches, just to give it a more bucket look. 

Happy One Year Dylan!!!

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