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SO!!!! Peektures, as promised!

Managed to get a coupla shots of my current WIP cake order. I really like this one that I'm working on, but than again, I have the tendency to say that about ALL my cakes. Opps, narcissistic eh? I guess I'm OCD in a sense that I hate to settle for anything less when it comes to cake making/decorating. If I can make it as close to what I deem is perfection, then why shouldn't I? My husb loves to tease me whenever I get into such acts, cos I will get all antsy pantsy if I don't put things right.  Now, if only I can apply this quirk into other aspects of life. 

So this order was for 30 odd vanilla cupcakes. 30 odd because I'm not sure yet how many mini cuppies it would take to fill up the stand, plus a 6" dummy cake, cos she wants to keep it.  

                                Center rose and side vine motifs were stenciled and hand cut.

So this was my first ever DIY cupcake stand, made up of 8", 10" and 14" cake boards, and 6" and 8" cylindrical styrofoam pieces. Its a pretty quick and painless way to display cakes instead of boring ole shiny cake boards. 

Today, I'll be working on the loop bow to be placed on top of the dummy cake, and most likely get started on the gum paste mini bows for the mini cupcakes.

In the midst of everything, I will have to get crackin on my brat of a son's birthday cake coming up in early september. His will have a race car topper with mini cupcakes! How fun is that!!! I have always been biased towards children's cake because their more open (I actually mean they have very bad taste) to ANYTHING and are always so bright and colorful! 

Time to get crackin! 


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