Popping the cherry.

Well, after much nagging form the people around me, here I am forging into the world of food blogging with a vengeance. Its not like I've never attempted to start one before, but the lazy ass in me always seems to get in the way. We'll see how far this latest attempt goes!

A short intro to whomever may be reading this. I'm a SAHM, with 2 adorable rascals (which parent doesn't think their kids are?), and married to an ass of a husband. Just kidding. My husband is love, wit, humour and patience all rolled into one. He's the main reason for this blog actually.

Onto baking, I've been busying myself with a fondant cake ordered by an old old friend. She's looking to celebrate her mummy's 60th bash. Its still work in progress, but its moving along fine. Well, except for a few minor hiccups at the beginning. Ok, not minor. It was HUGE.

It was a bird brained, lazy ass (see I told you it always gets in the way?) thing I did. I wanted to get started on the decorating aspects of the cake, but the gum paste I had on hand was cold and not at all pliable. So what do you do when that happens? You knead it right? But because my prissy hands were sore from kickboxing, I thought "why not just dump the whole mass of gum paste into my Kenwood major?". Dump the lot I did, but after a few turns, the strain of the ROCK HARD gum paste broke the THICK metal shaft where you attach and detach your beaters. It.broke.the.damn.shaft. I stood there, mouth agape, and it took me a few moments to let out a scream.

Now, its off for repairs, which I am not even sure if it can be salvaged. :( Lucky for me, my doting husband  and lovely friends got me a spanking, red, hawt kitchen aid mixer for my bird day recently. So I am not THAT handicapped after all. NO, I didn't dump any more gum paste into my precious red baby. I'm bird brained sometimes, but not THAT stupid.

Back to the cake. This recent order will mark a few firsts for me. My first DIY cupcake stand and my first dummy cake. The old friend has requested that it be in hues of pink, and to make it girly. I am almost finished with the dummy cake, cept for the main highlight of the cake, which is a laced loop bow, but other than that, the other parts of it have been done, and I'm pretty pleased with what i have accomplished so far.

Will take and post pictures tomorrow when the weather gets better. Its been too grey and dreary to get any proper shots. Toodles!

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