3 Tiered Fairy Cake

I love looking at old photos. Not so much photos of me, but of other people like my kids, my family, my friends and of course food. Old photos never fail to make me gasp in awe at how much change has taken place without me even noticing it i.e.; my kids, or in the case of food, I normally go," You mean I made that??? Its HIDEOUS/YUCKY/PERFECT! Wish I can replicate that again!". So there, cold as I may appear to be, I am actually a glob of sentimental and nostalgic marshmallow inside. 

Anyways, I've posted pictures of my fondant cakes, some hits, some misses, but still loving each and every experience.

This was my virgin attempt at fondant and gum paste. When I first read up on fondant and gum paste, it was described as "baker's play dough" which made me think,"shouldn't be tough?". Well, I was right and wrong. Fondant which I made at home, was speckled with bits of gelatin, but was a dream to knead. It really was like play dough, except edible! Gum paste on the contrary, which I specially purchased Tylose (aka CMC) powder to make, was a nightmare. Like I said in my post here, it was ROCK hard. No make it DIAMOND hard. But I had to use gum paste for the fairy figurine I was going to make for my lil girl, since ALL the websites that i researched on insists that gum paste be used for flowers and figurines. Doesn't help also that the characteristics of gum paste is such that it dries up quickly, even more so than fondant, plus the fact that I suffer from mild OCD, so it took me one friggin day to make the pair of LEGS. All in all, I reckon I must have spent almost a week on just the fairy alone. BUT BUT BUT, it was fun. I enjoyed the making of it despite the frustrations and expletives that were strewn out in the process.

Ah....... The pink heels. My first paid job. Well, not exactly paid, paid, but still paid nonetheless. Got a text from my pal one day, asking me I were keen to make a pair of high heel shoe cake for a friend of hers. I was enticed, yet okay fine, scared, cos I've never baked for anyone outside of family and friends, nonetheless be paid for it! But, I eventually said yes, and I'm glad I did. For this shoe, I bought a new pair of cheapo heels, cut off all the straps and laid the gum paste onto the remaining heel to dry. It was pretty easy to do, this one, and it allowed me to let whatever ounce of creative juices I had to run wild. 

There are 2 more cakes that I would love to post and talk about, but let's save that for tomorrow shall we?


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