Ribbon Cake with Ribbon Cupcakes and Basketball Cake

Yeah, yeah, I know, its either I don't post, or I post TWO in a day. Well, I couldn't help it! It was an exciting day for me! I completed 2 cake orders today ( I know, one of them was originally planned for tomorrow as collection day, but there was a change of plans.)! One for the rose and vine motif cupcakes, and the 3D basketball one, and i couldn't wait to post the pictures!!!!! I love it when people come round to pick up their cakes, not knowing what to expect, and upon seeing their cakes, they ask if its really edible. To me, that's the highest form of compliment any cake decorator can receive :) It makes me beam even more, when I get a call or note from them after their special occasion is over, telling me how much the celebrant liked it. It makes me feel, I don't know... good? Is that even the right word to use? Perhaps, satisfied is a better adjective.  That really makes my day, I would feel floaty floaty and  walk with a spring in my step all day. Pretty easy to please huh? Even I'm embarrassed : )

So anyway, peektures!!!!

My precious mini cupcakes with lace embossed fondant and mini gum paste bows. These were vanilla flavored cuppies with vanilla italian meringue buttercream. Italian what?!?!?  You might ask. Well, Italian meringue buttercream is buttercream made with a base of cooked meringue/ it has a silky mouth feel and is waaayyyy lighter on the tongue as compared to the American buttercream which is just icing sugar with butter. Their american counterparts tend to be heavier and toooooooooooo sweet. So I tend to prefer to use IMBC for my cake orders. 

ET VIOLA!!! In all its full glory!

Next up is the 3D basketball cake. This was a pretty last minute order for a basketball coach. I decided to do a 3D cake shaped like a basketball, simply because I thought that well, it will be easy. I was dead wrong. It took me 3 tries to get the basic spherical shape of the ball. And I only succeeded on the fourth attempt. What I did for this cake was to have the bottom half made of styrofoam and covered in fondant, and the top half a half sphere cake. That way, the cake will be sturdier, more realistic and client doesn't end up with  too much cake. Because, seriously, a whole sphere of cake is a lot of cake to eat. Oh! And not to mention, easier to cut as well!

Below is  a shot of the wood stained fondant to mimic the floor of a basketball court. I used a toothpick to score the fondant before painting it with brown coloring and topped it off with confectioner's glaze. 100% edible.

Ta dah! My first ever basketball cake! Inside is chocolate fudge cake with dark chocolate ganache.

Okie, next order coming up will be the iPhone cake due next week, my son's race car cake and an engagement party cake! Stay tuned eh? Have a good weekend! G'night world!



  1. This cake looks great!!!! I'm making a basketball cake this week for my grandson's birthday....I can only pray that it will turn out half as good as yours. Keep up the good work. I would love to see more cake pics from you.

  2. I want to order de basketball cake.How can I contact u?How much the payment including delivery on 14th Oct at Orchard..only for two person

  3. Do drop us an email at enquiries@celebrate_with_cake.com

    Thank you