Q & A

1. What is the best way to tell you I am interested in ordering a cake from you?
Email to enquiries@celebrate-with-cake.com with a) The date of your party b)The number of people you want to serve 3) The design or theme you have in mind.

2. Why do you only handle order queries through email?
Having a focused medium for order queries allows us to respond better. It allows us to keep a thread of our back and forth communication to avoid miscommunication. Emails allows us time to digest what you want, plan something and then respond.

3. Why can't I just give you a call about my order?
Phone calls are the WORST mode of communication because there is no record, and by the time we transcribe something, we probably remember only half the information. You are not ordering a fast food takeaway. A customized order is unique and sometimes complex. We will have to verify with you through email after the call whatever that has been communicated. So even though passing instructions over the phone is fast for you, it is actually to your disadvantage. We will bear no responsibility if miscommunication arises from a phone query/order. Not to mention it is absolutely disruptive to us… as we are usually in the middle of a cake and have to be interrupted to answer the call.

PHONE QUERIES will get LAST priority over email queries. Calling us to tell us your interest does not equate to you overtaking other people who followed our preferred process of emailing us. We will completely answer ALL emails before proceeding to transcribe phone queries by email and by that time, we probably forget what has been spoken.

4. How far in advance do I need to tell you about my order?
You should tell us about your order the moment your party plans are firm so that we can tell you whether we are available for that date. Whether we can take on your order or not really depends on our schedule, whether we still have available slots for that day.

5. I only have a small party, but I want an awesome looking big cake without the left overs….
Your cake can be as big as you want it to be, as we do not need to make the whole item with edible cake inside. Maybe only the top 20% is edible cake. Note that the majority of the price of the cake is not in the edible cake, but in the whole ensemble, with craftsmanship and complexity of the design contributing to the majority of the price.

6. Why do you ask for serving sizes while off the shelf bakeries sell their cakes by weight?
This is akin to retail apparel shops selling clothes in S/M/L and tailors using a measuring tape to take our measurements. As what we do are generally unique cakes, very often we ourselves do not know how heavy the end product is going to be. However, we do know for example that for 10 people, we will suggest a design that has an equivalent 6" round cake inside. However, the design might result in a cake that is 2kg or 10kg… depending on the decoration.

The other reason is that we use butter cakes with buttercream inside our fondant cakes…. that is much denser and heavier than fresh cream sponge cakes. So people who have not ordered butter cakes with buttercream will have no idea the relative weight against fresh cream sponge cakes. Similar to going to a restaurant and ordering a plate of pasta, you do not order 200g of pasta.

7. What is the best way to enjoy later, cakes that I cannot finish?
You should keep your cake covered or wrapped, in the refrigerator and not longer than 1 week. (There is a tradition in the West for the top tiers of wedding cakes to be frozen for 1 year for the first anniversary celebration - but that is another story altogether). When you take the cake out of the refrigerator, either microwave it for 15 seconds or let it sit for 20 minutes before eating it.

8. How long can my fondant cake last if the party is under shelter without air conditioning?
The chocolate ganache that the cakes are covered with melts at about 30-31 degrees celsius. Buttercream between the cake layers melts at about 32-35 degrees celsius. Fondant on the other hand melts at much higher temperature. I am sure nobody has a thermometer handy all the time. So the rule of the thumb is…. if your party location is without air conditioning, keep a look out for the cake… if it looks gleaming or decorations are bending and falling off - time to gather everyone for the birthday song!

9. What is your minimum order size?
The minimum order size is $180, meaning we will not take on your order if it is priced below $180.

10. Why do you include delivery in your quote?
This is to give you the convenience of focusing on the other aspects of your party and we really want your cake to start your party the way it leaves our kitchen. We have better experience at transporting cakes.

11. Do you deliver 24 hours and everywhere in Singapore?
Yes, subject to additional costs beyond certain hours and location. Details, HERE.

12. Is my order confirmed once I tell you I want you to proceed?
No. Your order is only confirmed AFTER we tell you over email, YOUR ORDER IS CONFIRMED, after receipt of a 50% deposit. Note that we will inform on-going discussions for a filled date only as a reply to the email thread - that means we do not initiate informing on-going unconfirmed discussion that the date is filled. Do check with us if you are only going to place your deposit several days after we have finalized the outline of your order in case the date is already filled. We will fully refund deposits if it is placed after slots are filled.

13. Can I try your cakes before ordering?
What we do are customized cakes. So we only bake for a particular order. It will be similar to going to a restaurant and seeing an interesting menu. The only way to try is to order. It is a leap of faith. Note that different people have different preferences. Even if you like/dislike the taste of a cake, your guests may have a different opinion. In short, we do not offer cake tasting just like restaurants do not offer sampling of items in their menu.

14. What if for some reason we are unable to deliver your cake?
Things happen. A cake may be structurally unsound and can't be delivered or simply slide and be smashed during delivery. If something like that happens, we commit to a full refund plus a store bought cake.

15. Where are you located?
We are located and operate in Singapore

16. Since I am getting a customised order, can I keep discussing with you till I am satisfied?
We understand how everybody wants the perfect cake for that special celebration. However, given our finite resource and capability, we have to put a cap to the number of back and forth in discussing for a particular cake order. This in a way is to be fair to other orderers.

We will not invoke this unnecessarily, but any communication beyond 50 exchanges for a particular order, if the client still wants to make updates and amendments, we reserve the right to reject the order or the client may pay an additional $50 for every update. Again, this is really to discourage frequent changes of mind about a project.

17. Should I use fresh flowers on my cake, afterall they are easily available from the Florists and fondant flowers are so much more expensive.
We do not use fresh flowers on our cakes for simple hygiene and safety reasons. You may follow this link for a good write up on the difference between flowers from florists and edible flowers - which we do not get a lot of in Singapore. Click HERE.



  1. may i know where is the shop i want to go down and told about the 3D cake cherry blossom longevity cake any hp nos can call

    1. Thank you very much for your query.

      Please email us at enquiries@celebrate-with-cake.com with the date of your party, how many you require to serve and the design that you like. We only handle order queries through email. Thank you very much for your understanding.

      nick - on behalf of veron
      _ _ _