Sculpted Lamborghini Aventador Cake

Last week we delivered what was possibly the most difficult sculpted car cake we ever did. M dropped us a mail some weeks back and asked if we could make a Lamboghini Aventador out of cake.

Planning and scaling the car down to the correct proportions was already a 3 hour job, the cake carving was another 4 hour thing, all in all, i think we clocked a total of about 10 hours on this cake. 
The car had so many angles and curves at the unlikeliest of places that it was almost impossible to capture it all and translate into the cake, but i hope we managed to do as mush as we could. 

 M also requested that we made a Nikon DSLR out of sugar and included it into the ensemble. 

Cake was chocolate with oreos. 


  1. good job and nice it

  2. very well done! resemblance way too much :D

  3. how much was the cake?, i got a friend birthday soming and he really likes cars.

  4. That is exactly what i wanted to ask how much would you ask for something like this?

  5. Hi Simon,
    We operate in Singapore and you may drop us an email with:

    1. The date of your party,
    2. Number of guests to serve
    3. Desired design or theme so that we can better advice