Angry Birds Cake

TW dropped us a mail a while ago and got us to make a 2D version of our Angry Birds cake for her little boy's birthday celebration! : )

It was only i had stuck on all the decorations and wordings did i realize one very glaring thing i overlooked. 

I forgot to cut out the center circle of the letter "O"!!!!! I tried removing the "O" but it was already too firmly stuck onto the sun and removing it was more likely to tear the surrounding parts of the fondant. So with pain in my heart, i had to send it out like that. arrrggghhhh…. 

TW also wanted four cupcakes with some birds and the king pig as toppers. pardon the lousy shots, we forgot to take pictures and only remembered just before the cakes has to be delivered! : (

Cake was vanilla with cranberry filling. cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate swirls and red velvet with vanilla swirls.

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