Playable Angry Birds Cake

Lovely P dropped us a mail after coming across our other Angry Birds Cakes. She told us her son was a fan of the Rio version and asked if we could include the 2 Parrots into the set up. 

I liked that this set up turned out bright and cheerful. : )


  1. Yay we made it to your blog!  thanks for being so accommodating about Blu & Jewel.. It made my son very pleased to see his favourite gang there. We love the fab colours & the proportion.. The fondant held up very well. Even the adults queued up behind the kids to play. Needless to say, all birds 'found new homes' super fast haaa.. Thanks again for the yummy cake & making our party extra- Special!

  2. Thank you very much for your compliments and feedback. Tate definitely had a well planned party other than the cake. Kudos to the parents!

    Thank you very much for your order.