Ferrari Cap Cake

Sweet C, the recipient of this Miu Miu Wallet Cake was looking to get a special cake for her brother. Apparently, her brother had purchased this cap online, but it never arrived. SO, she thought this would make a really unique cake for him!

Here's a picture of the real deal.

The only thing she wanted me to deviate from was to change the original signature to "Alonslow", a play on birthday boy's real name "Alonso". ha. Nicccce…. 

More pictures of the detailing work!

Cake was lemon with lemon filling.


  1. Hey! thanks for the lovely birthday cake. Love it.
    My friends in the UK were impressed after seeing the photo of my cake. Grazie!

  2. Great design idea from C. One of the pieces I am really proud of and it was great fun to make from start to finish.