KFC Fried Chicken and Cheese Fries Cake

This was a for a last minute order (was given just 3 days notice) for a little boy who loves his fried chicken! What else comes to mind but KFC, in cake, of course! : )

I would have made a complete meal, with the quintessential mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a drink on the side, but the order came to me too late, and this was the best i could do. but, i'm pretty stoked at how it turned out, especially the fries, compared to my previous MacDonald's Meal cake. 

A peek into how things are made in our kitchen! 

 Oh, what will i ever do without the all important rice krispie treats?

 the secret to crispy fired chicken? Feuilletine!!!!

Naked fries, without the "cheese" and "mayo". 

And to round things up a wee bit, we printed on edible paper ink, a tray liner, to complete the look!

And, the all important, ketchup in the air! 

Cake which is the "tub" was red velvet with cream cheese filing. 


  1. looks super cool omg!!

  2. Wow! Yummy yummy!!!! Superb! alice

  3. Wow, that looks amazing! What did you use for the sauce?

  4. Wow cool cake i wish it was for me :). And i think the resipe for the sauce is glazind iceing. I soo wish i was ronald i hope they did'nt eat it!!

  5. Thanks everyone for liking the cake. Everything is just fondant.


  6. Its the crunchy leaf like flat bits on the "drumsticks". Leaf is Feuille in French.

  7. Thank you! Is there a local store that sells them? I live in Colorado Springs.

    1. Here in Singapore, we can get them off any good baking supply shop. Or you can make them yourself…. there are many online recipes for it. This appears on the web, http://bravetart.com/recipes/Feuilletine

      Best of luck there.

    2. Oh bless you! Thank you so much! I had just crushed up some fried noodles and added crushed graham crackers to that :-). Happy New Year!!