Pink 21st Birthday Cake

Sweet C dropped us a mail 2 weeks back and got us to make her friend a really special 21st Birthday Cake. 

They were having a retro polka dots themed party, and i thought this would be befitting for a sweet young lady.

The design of this cake was the result of a mish mash of all things Ron Ben Israel, THE cake guru, THE cake GOD (to me he really is.)  i hope i managed to capture the uniqueness and brilliance of  ALL the cakes that inspired me : )

I'm really loving how the monogram plaque turned out, and even happier that it was more stable than i thought! Best part? it turned out EXACTLY like how i imagined it to be! : )

Cake was vanilla with cranberry filling for bottom tier, chocolate with passion fruit filling for middle tier, and chocolate with salted caramel for top tier. 


  1. thank you for the gorgeous cake! it was a sweet and pleasant surprise from Sweet C. you've got an amazing talent with cake designs, love all your works! may your business continue to prosper! :)

    Thank you Veronica! <3

    With love,
    Seraphina (Receiver of this Cake)

  2. What a lucky Gal you are to have a friend who was very meticulous in making sure you get a very pretty cake.

    I really love the design on this cake myself haha..

    Congratulations on turning 21!