Playable Angry Birds Cake

Another Angry Birds Cake was went out today to a little boy who's a huge fan of the game. His doting parents got me to make him the playable version, so instead of singing the birthday song, the birthday boy gets to "play" his favorite game! 

This time i built the cake in 2 tiers since it was meant to serve more people. His parents liked the "Sun ray" design i did in my first playable cake but i was getting a tad tired of using the same fonts, so this time around i changed it to resemble more like the "Angry Birds Font". Very Dr Suess i thought. 

Again, the slingshot was handcrafted by the husband, who got pieces of wood and manually cut the shape of the catapult with a saw. And we had to custom make a cake board to fit the entire ensemble.

Cake for both tiers were chocolate with oreos filling. 


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