Golf Bag Cake

A colleague of my mate gave me the honor of making one of THE MOST challenging cakes i have ever done. He was looking to celebrate his dad's birthday with just the family (5 peeps), but he wanted a cake that would make people go "WOW! IS THAT REALLY A CAKE?!?!?".

Said birthday dad is an avid golfer, therefore the idea of a golf bag. But J's challenge to me was not just any golf bag, but to make a tilted one

Of course i had to rope in the help of my cake engineer (the husb), who constructed the frame for the cake out of extra wide PVC piping and plywood. The toughest part was really in the construction of the frame, it had to be sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the cake, ganache and fondant.

There after, A LOT of detailing went into the golf bag. pockets, zipper and clasp, golf clubs used up almost 2 tubs  (each tub weighs 2.5kg) of fondant. thats A LOT of fondant. 

Cake was a mixture of vanilla with passion fruit, red velvet with oreos and carrot cake with lemon filling. 


  1. wah babe this is not art anymore it's more like Science n Technical class!!
    - ur lubb -

  2. hi, i really love your golf bag.
    would you possible draw me the cake board the one that from pvc and the ply wood ?
    i really want to try to make it.
    do you maybe have a tutorial for it

    thanks :)