Garfield Cake

PL got me to make her younger daughter a Garfield cake (apparently she adores the cat) after i made my mermaid Cake for her older daughter.

This design was based off one of my cake artist idols, Debbie Brown. It was a complicated looking cake which actually was not that really, cos most of the work was in making the stripes of garfield, but in this cake, a large part of his body was covered by his blanket.

I did make a few changes of my own here and there, like adding Pooky the bear beside him, and the way his paws were made. But all in all, i think Debbie Brown did a fantastic job coming up with this idea of creating Garfield. : )

Cake was chocolate with oreos filling. Tail and Pooky bear made of rice krispies.


  1. Fantastic cake, the best i saw on internet

  2. Thank you for the compliment. Credits goes to Debbie brown obviously! : )

  3. Fantastic job with this cake - to be honest, I like your version better! I am considering doing this DB cake, but was wondering if you stuck to her proportion (2 x 2pt bowls), and if so, how many do you think it served? If you made it bigger, what did you use to bake the parts in and how many did it serve? Would really appreciate your help - thanks!

  4. Hi Trudi,
    Thank you for your compliments. I actually only follow her end photo …. I made two stacks of round cakes, level and fill them and then cut them into the round shapes…. ganache and then cover them with fondant… the two big balls…

    After that is just layering on the blanket and the stripes… that was a task in itself haha..

    good luck there!

  5. I was searching internet for a pooky bear cake then came across your cake. The cake was so attractive and so nice! Can share how you make the pooky bear with rice kripies? Need to mesh it and mix with butter in order to make the shape? Thanks!

  6. Where can I find the "how to" on making the cake parts of this? Love love love it!!!

    1. Hi Shellie,
      You may get one of Debbie Brown's cake decorating book that has instructions on how to make this Garfield cake. Not sure which series though as we only made the cake based on the end photo.