70's Disco 3 tier Cake

M dropped me an email a week back and told me about a 70's Disco themed party her boss was having. She got me at 70's disco and i was all finger-pointing-dance-move ready! ; )

The cake was meant to feed about 60 people, which, translated into cake terms, means i could do a 3 tier cake and have lots of room for decorations. always a favorite thing of mine. : ) not only that, said birthday boy absolutely loves his alcohol, so i added generous splashes of kahlua into the top tier filling and cointreau into the the middle tier filling. the bottom tier was meant for kiddees and well, other non "alcoholics" with oreos filling ; P

 In order to achieve that 70's campy psychedelic look, i sprayed the entire bottom tier with my PME gold luster spray. i think it took me a whole can and a half to get the gold to be even.  The middle tier was decorated with bell bottom wearing dancing silhouettes and silver disco balls.  

  i love how the birthday boy's name turned out. the blue sugar dragees resembled neon lights and further added onto the whole campy psychedelic look. 

Atop the entire set up, sits a sugar figure of the birthday boy in bell bottoms and pink top with a bottle of wine in one hand and a book in the other (apparently his fav past times)

 Cake was chocolate with Kahlua filling for top tier, lemon with cointreau filling for the middle, and red velvet and oreos for the bottom tier.

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