Totoro Cupcakes

Last post for the day. K dropped me an email weeks ago and commissioned me to make some Totoro cupcakes for her friend. Only request from her was to make them in slightly neutral colors, not too girlish nor boyish. Seems i'm not the only Totoro fan out there. ; )

This cupcake actually proves the point, more to myself than anyone since i am the maker of it, 
that the smaller they are, the more difficult it is to replicate. the previous two Totoro cakes, here and here, were pretty easy to do, but the smaller version was trickier than i imagined. EVERYTHING, from the eyes to the nose to the "fur" on their chest had to be scaled down literally by almost 90%, especially the BIG totoro. i think i must have re-did the  totoros about 5 times before i was happy with them and they all looked "the same".

So i decorated them with leaves, dust balls and acorns and ditched the flowers. and i think i had the most fun deciding where the acorns and dust balls should go ; D

Cupcakes were chocolate with chocolate filling. 


  1. are so cute ^^ .... mmm you can put the recipe on how to make cakes Totoro .. i really love them :D

  2. hi,

    i am interested in the totoro cupcakes. will u be selling it?

    my email:

  3. can u email me im interested in the totoro cupcake