Tatty Teddy 2 tier Cake

This cake was ordered by a sweet girl for her friend who was turning 18 and loved her tatty teddies. Can't blame her, cos when i was young, i used to go gaga over those doe eyed teddies as well : )

I made Tatty Teddy pretty big for this cake, about 7" height, so that it fills the top tier of the cake nicely and draws the eye to it. Making teddy of this size entirely out of fondant was definately not a good idea, so i made 2 balls of rice krispie treats and dirty iced them before covering it with fondant. 

Creating the furry texture of tatty teddy was pretty tedious, i had to interchange between using the tines of a fork and a small pair of scissors. I think i might have spent about 45 minutes just creating the fur!

The rest of the cake was done in a simple yet elegant way, with the name of the birthday girl embossed and dusted in silver luster dust in a plaque.

Cake for both tiers were chocolate with oreos filling. 


  1. Oooooo nice creation for my ex-manager's daughter!
    -- ur lubb --

  2. yup that cake is for J's daughter, from her Jc frens!