Butt Cake

Another cake that was sent out today was a butt cake. My previous butt cake was based on that of a man's, this time around A requested that i make a chick's butt! ; )

A sexy chick's arse is really quite different from that of a man's, i had to bake 2 half spheres of cake in order to achieve that J Lo perky butt. All else said, the toughest part was in the carving and shaping, and the rest was pretty fun to do! 

A requested that i add a logo of Resse's peanut buttercups on one of the butt cheeks too! 

Cake was chocolate with chocolate filling. 


  1. wow, that looks great!
    what size pan did you use to make the back of the woman?

  2. Thank you for your comment…. I used metal bowls to bake the cheeks...