McDonald's McChicken Burger Meal Cake

Its burger day for me today, as i send out 2 burger cakes. First cake was for an employee of McDonald's who won a global award for her outstanding performance (apparently only the top 1% of McDonald's employees get it). So what else comes to mind, but a full set of Mcdonald's meal, in cake! 

This cake is like the big Paris-Brest exam you take at pastry school at the end of the semester, cos it tests you on every element you have learnt. From shaping, to giving life to the burger and fries by coloring the correct shade of brown, to fooling around with edible paper, to replicating. Whew, it was really A LOT to work on. 

 I spent a long time on the box of fries, shaping it with rice krispies and ganache, and lesson learnt, always shape the krispie treats smaller than how i actually want it, cos ganache and fondant do add on quite a bit of mass to the end product as well.  Oh, and just for the fun of it, i sprinkled sugar over the fries to make it look like "salt".

Burger (the McSpicy to be exact), was surprisingly the easiest to make out of the lot. The time consuming bits were the fried chicken patty and the damn sesame seeds! but otherwise, very fun to make! : 

The toughest to replicate, was the TALL and pretty SLENDER cup of drink. I tried at first to sculpt it out of cake, but i figured that it wouldn't be sturdy enough, so i went back to my good ole trusty rice krispie treats and dirty iced it with ganache. once the shape was set, the rest was pretty easy. 

I saved the best for last; the suspended ketchup. the engineering was done by none other than my brilliant husb. And i must say that its probably the most impressive part of the cake. ; )

cake "tray" and burger was chocolate with oreos filling, the rest were rice krispie treats, and, tray "liner" was edible image.