Ironman Cake

An ironman cake for a big adult fan of action heros was sent out today as well. This cake was fun to make, though it deviates from my "normal" cake designs. 

Instead of covering it with fondant, this cake was ganached and given a coat (a rather thick one) of medium consistency royal icing. i contemplated on using meringue or buttercream, but i figured that neither would "crust" enough to allow me to dust them with my bronze luster dust. 

So the fondant accents were kept to a minimal for this one, as the focus was meant to be on Ironman ripping/tearing out of what is supposed to be a pile of rubble. i really liked the texture that the royal icing gave, rugged and rough. and the bronze luster dust gave it a nice glamourous sheen. : )

Cake was vanilla filled with lemon curd and coated vanilla buttercream and a thin layer of ganache. 

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