Home Made Pineapples Tarts

So part of the reason for being busy this week was because i had some pineapple tart orders for my lil girl's friend's mommy. Been quite a while since the husband and i joined forces to make/bake our own tarts, and i must say it was an awesome bonding time : )

Pineapple tarts are very much apart of our Chinese new year tradition, especially in Singapore and Malaysia, and every lunar new year you will see pineapple tarts  for sale at every corner you turn. the making of pineapple tarts can be either a laborious affair or straight forward one, depending on how lazy you are. those with a spare bit of time (and arm power), will opt to make their pineapple tarts from scratch, while others can opt to buy ready made paste from supermarkets.

For our case, we love the taste of home made pineapple jam, and not the sugar laden, artificial flavoured ones. so we bought a total of 30 pineapples, grated, strained and cooked them over low heat for hours. tedious, but very worth the effort. i like : )

So this year we decided to try a different style of pineapple tarts, nastar style. if memory serves me right, nastar style pineapple tarts originates from indonesia, and i personally like it served this way better than the open faced type. 

we used a total of 30 large pineapples for this order. grating, sieving, frying the jam is really not funny. you really need a whole lot of arm grease to do this. 
  this was the end result of 10 pineapples. so little right?!?!?!?!?!?!

Interested in my pineapple tarts? drop me a mail!

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