Gum Ball Machine Cake

19th January. I have a bittersweet kinda love for this date. My lil girl was born on that day 7 years ago. Its supposed to be a joyous occassion, but i find myself dreading it more and more as each year passes, cos I REALLY DON'T WANT MY KIDS TO GROW UP!!!!! if there was such a thing as an anti growth, age mutating pill, i will feed them to my kids. cos i want my babies to always stay my babies. : (

So what got me into baking was because i wanted my kids' childhood memories be filled with home baked birthday cakes. and i think i have really come a long way, from my first ever hard/rubbery chiffon cakes, till today's fondant cakes. its almost like a coming of age sort of thing. : )

Well, for my lil girl's 7th birthday this year, i made her a gumball machine cake. i think her heart almost skipped a beat when she first saw rows of gumball machines at a shopping mall in london last december. and so, here we have a gumball machine cake. a pink one at that ; )

 So my lil girl requested her gumball machine cake to be in a rather unconventional colour of pink instead of red. it was a coincidence that we brought back some gumballs from our europe trip, which were needed for her cake. All real gumballs except those not in the glass bowl.

 All in all, am pretty pleased with how this cake turned out, but my only grouse was that the fish bowl (yep, that's a glass fish bowl), was too small for the cake. we couldn't find any slightly larger than this, and the next size was a 9inch wide one, which would have resulted in a GIANT gumball machine cake. 

 my big baby who's now officially SEVEN! i think i will cry at her 10th birthday party.

 here she is telling her cousins how her cake "works".

gumball machine cake, deconstructed.




  1. awww... i'm almost choking from holding back that tear.

    well, you know how the game works. it doesn't matter if they're fifty. they'll always be your silpy ones.

  2. silpy Megan says that we should stick 1 candle in their cakes every year. that way, they will always be one year old. : )

  3. Thank you very much for your query.

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    nick - on behalf of veron

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