Sculpted Basketball Cake - for Celebrity

 So today i delivered another basketball cake, my 3rd so far. This time the cake was done with a slight twist, because the lady who ordered was worried that there might not be enough cake to go around for her party of 25, i suggested that we do a rectangular cake that resembles the floor of the court and place the ball atop. Not only that, we could also throw in a pair of smelly socks. And btw, the cake was meant for her husband's 40th surprise party. 

Anyways, why this particular order is extremely exicitng for me is because, only after the cake was delivered did my husband and i realize that it was intended for a local celeb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEEEEEEEEEALLLLLL* Silly me only realized it because my darlin husband pointed all the signs to me whilst en route to delivering the cake. *SQUEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL* and it was confirmed after i texted the wife of the said celeb " my husband and i made a bet, he says that the birthday dude in question is XXX" and her reply was "haha, well, your husband is right! you lost! i do hope that the bet wasn't big though!!!" *SQUEALLLLLLLLLLLLLL* 

So for their privacy's sake, i shall not reveal who he is, but this is definitely extremely exiciting for me. : ))))))

PS: in case you're wondering if i managed to see the said celeb, nahhhh, i didn't. it was a surprise party rem? so the cake had to be delivered BEFORE the birthday dude came home. too bad.


  1. This cake is beautiful!!!! :D How much does a cake like this cost?? I want to surprise my fiance for his birthday with a basketball cake and this one looks perfect for the occasion. Please email me to let me know

  2. how did you make the dots on the ball?

  3. @ anonymous 1: drop me an email : )

    @anonymous 2: hi audra! hope your daughter's cake goes well! : )

  4. Hi! I just sent you an email. Hope to hear from you! :)

  5. how did you do the dots on this cake???